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Wilhelm Wilhelmsen: healthy upturn auto-industry by this autumn

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Wilhelm Wilhelmsen: healthy upturn auto-industry by this autumn
Zeebrugge, donderdag 3/9/2009. According to president Wilhelm Wilhelmsen of WWL, whom this afternoon was present at the namegiving cermony for the M/V Tirranna in Zeebrugge, the medium term expectations for shipping of cars through the port of Zeebrugge are good.

"We can now see that, after the summer holidays and after the time that car manufacturers have been able to reduce their inventory, they are now starting to produce on a more regular basis. We can not yet know which levels they will land at, but we see positive signs,' Wilhelmsen said. He did not want to speculate on a time-frame for the normalization of car-traffic over the seas, but he does expect "a fairly healthy upturn by this autumn, to what level exactly is to early to say."

Total number of cars shipped over deep sea routes stood at 14 million
in 2008 and will reach a staggering 22 million by 2020 according to a forecast by WWL. Currently there are 800 million+ cars in use around the world, a figure that will double by 2050.
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