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The English Theatre brengt Two van Jim Cartwright

Op de agenda voor Brugge tot vrijdag, 22/6/2007:

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Brugge, vrijdag 22/6/2007. Waar vroeger in de Kuiperstraat cinema Zwart Huis gevestigd was, kun je nu Engels theater gaan bekijken. Om de veertien dagen komt een ander Brits gezelschap over. Tot 9 september is The Stageworks the gast met "Two" van Jim Cartwright.

Het stuk wordt uiteraard in het Engels opgevoerd. De toegang is maar 10 euro. De aanvang is om 20.00 uur. Reserveer op 050 61 31 20 of per mail.

The Stageworks present "Two" by Jim Cartwright

Two won the Manchester Evening News Best New Play award in 1989 and has been in production somewhere around the world ever since. TWO is a series of short vignettes that skilfully combines pathos and humour, with all fourteen characters played by just two actors who drag us through the whole gamut of emotions.

What the papers said:

"Brilliantly, surrealistically and comically poetic" Sunday Times

"Funny, moving and at times uncomfortable...." BBC Radio Oxford

"Set in a realistic old-fashioned pub you can almost smell the smoke and taste the Boddingtons. Bliss!" BBC Radio Oxford

Actors, Adrian Monahan and Toni Griffiths, play all the parts with barely perceptible change of gear as all manner of human problems find themselves walking in. Lichfield Post

Itīs funny, tragi-comic, thought provoking for sure. Lichfield Post

"Fast paced and funny, a skinful of comedy!!! Midlands Whats On Magazine

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