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The English Theatre brengt Mr Whippendale

Op de agenda voor Brugge tot vrijdag, 22/6/2007:

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Brugge, vrijdag 22/6/2007. Waar vroeger in de Kuiperstraat cinema Zwart Huis gevestigd was, kun je nu Engels theater gaan bekijken. Om de veertien dagen komt een ander Brits gezelschap over. Tot 26 augustus is Wayward Spaniel Theatre the gast met "Mr Whippendale".

Het stuk wordt uiteraard in het Engels opgevoerd. De toegang is maar 10 euro. De aanvang is om 20.00 uur. Reserveer op 050 61 31 20 of per mail.

Following its success in Camden People´s Theatre in London,

Mr Whippendale... doesn´t just live in period dramas but now and again appears under the tree, depending on which day of the week it is, or so JJ claims.

JJ and Franky are two soldiers sent to station on this island of no name, with no civilians or enemies in sight. The only source of contact with the outside world is via the supply boat that comes sporadically.

When the boat starts to miss a few sailings, the days are blending into this big haze and time no longer relevant; floor workout becomes one´s new salvation. Quoting imaginary sightings has to be the final straw.

The scene opens on the 99th day of Franky´s mourning, mourning for something that he thought he had.

"Mr Whippendale..." is about loss, abandonment; about the goldfish and its miniature Japanese garden in the tank; about the existential pain... about characters that fit their roles but do not want to play their parts.

"Mr Whippendale..." is a comedy that will send you on an upward journey in a hot-air balloon that will tug at your heart when least expected.

It is a play written for those who have lost their way home, "home" beyond its physical sense of the word.

Wayward Spaniel Theatre is devoted to new writing and exists to enlighten and entertain, marked by a stroke of otherworldly quirkiness, fueled by a reverse of logic and propelled by a tornado of non-stop folly.

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